Although Medical Malpractice Insurance is not required by law in Kentucky, it is necessary for physicians seeking hospital privileges in the commonwealth. Let us help you find a policy that perfectly fits your specific needs. Services at EastPoint Insurance Group include:


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Medical Malpractice Plan Options We Offer

Arrow Bullet Point Hospital Professional Liability

  • EastPoint Insurance Group, through the Kentucky Hospital Insurance Company (KHIC), can provide professional, general and umbrella liability to hospitals
  • EastPoint has access to all the major carriers providing professional liability insurance in Kentucky

Arrow Bullet Point Physician Professional Liability

  • EastPoint Insurance Group can also market coverage for physicians. Different carriers are available for large groups and for smaller practices
What is Medical Malpractice Insurance?

Medical professional liability insurance, sometimes known as medical malpractice insurance, is one type of professional liability insurance which protects physicians and other licensed health care professionals (e.g., dentist, nurse) from liability associated with wrongful practices resulting in bodily injury, medical expenses and property damage, as well as the cost of defending lawsuits related to such claims.

A medical professional liability insurance policy covers bodily injury or property damage as well as liability for personal injury such as mental anguish. The complexity involved in discovering negligence results in a higher percentage of premium dollars going toward defense and cost containment expenses. Medical liability insurers spend substantial funds investigating and defending claims where there is an adverse patient outcome not resulting from negligence.

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